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Grand Opening Of Merkin's Moon!!

Hello everyone,

I am here and glad to say that my store Merkin's Moon is finally open and ready for business. Please come by and check us out. We sell mostly wiccan/ pagan supplies. But we also sell other religous wares as well as jewelry. If you like us, please make sure to tell your friends about us or direct them here to my page. I also have a forum page. You can chat about anything your little heart desires.
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Twelve Laws of Karma

Cause and Effect
[color=orange][b]As you sow, so shall you reap.[/b][/color] The Great Law.
This is the freat law: If there is a cause, then there is an effect. What goes around, comes around. And that may not be the same or equal. If you want peace and joy in life, in your home, neighborhood, country, and in the world, start where you are, do something about you. If we are helpless and fearful, do we cause that? Do our fears draw that to us? Are we creating negatives in our lives, by focusing on that in others. Are we mired in 'being right' and getting even, falsely believing that we can control the consequences of Karma?

[b]You attract what you are, not what you want[/b].[color=indigo][/color] The law of Creation.
This law states that l.iving healthy, wealthy, successful lives requires our participation. We are one, inside and outside. Our surroundings are clues to our inner nature, and our truenature is a sign of what is around us. People like people who like what they like. If you want to attract loving people, be loving; if you wnat to attract smart people, become smart in something. If you want a perfect mate, develop the traits that you envision in that person, and life will bring it. We are not alonein the universe; we are connected beyond ourselves to all. We can create our environment from within.

[b]What you resist, persists for you.[/b][color=green][/color] The law of Humility.
This law states that we choose our enemies and give them strength. What we object to reflects who we are inside. If we pick apart someone;s dress, are we not concerned about our own statements of fashion? Do we deny the truth about ourselves and create our own pain? Are our egos so small and lost inillusions that we deny who we are? Do we believe change can come from denying who we are? Do we see cheaters and liars everywhere, but claim we are focused on higher ground? The more we feed our denial by resisting the truth, the louder our protestations. Humility is the key.

[b]Wherever you go~ there you are.[/b][color=orange][/color] The law of Growth.
This is the law about creating our own surroundings; if we don't change, nothing is changed. We carry our problems with us wherever we go. Removing negative relationships and environments may free us to be healthy, but aren't we still who we are? Doo we seek the growth to not recreate those same negatives all over again? Slowly learned changes, truly in our hearts, are the changes that will last. Life then sees to it that our negative environments drift away all by themselves.

Personal Action
[b]Whenever there is something wrong, there is something wrong in us.[/b][color=yellow][/color] The law of Mirrors.
The law of personal responsibility. "Every time I got angry, I discovered that 'I' was there." Do we believe that we are immune from what goes on around us? Do we blame others and say that is on them? We mirror our surroundings and our surroundings mirror us. Do we accept life with grace? Do we try to excuse ourselves from the parts of life that are hard? Do we see ourselves as contributors who can create a difference?

[b]Whatever you do may be very insignificant, but is very important that you do it. [/b][color=violet][/color] The law of Synchornicity.
This is the law about the chain of connnectedness from the lowest to the highest. Someone always has to do the lesser jobs in life. Do we get on with the daily grind, or are we waiting for Prince Charming or to win the lottery? Do we only accept the ego rewarding tasks? Do we devalue those near us in favor of courting favor with others? The lesson here is that we learn dicipline and humility--and demonstrate that.

[b]You can't think of thwo things at the same time. [/b][color=brown][/color] The law of Direction and Motives.
The is the law of higher spiritual values versus our lower natures. When we are foucsed on higher values, there is no room for thoughts of greed, selfishness, and anger. If we think about growing spritually, we can't be contemplating gluttony at the same time. What are we focusing on? Upon arising each day do we do first things first--make peace with our higher power; next , do we give our family love and attention; so that at work we are fully free to concentrate on the job at hand? Do we foster hidden agendas of selfish gain, and the feed compulsions of our lower natures?

[b]If you believe somehting to be true, then sometime in life you must demonstrate that truth. [/b][color=blue][/color] The law of willingness.
This law is about what we have learned in life, and our willingness to show it. Put up, or shut up! It's show and tell time. Time to demonstrate what we know to be right, or life will have consequences for us. Do we play "when and if" and procrastinate about what is right? Are we afraid to grow because it is hard? Do we hold back love because our dreams didn't get met? Give what you have, do what you can.

[b]You can't go home again, but you must try.[/b] [color=darkred][/color] The law of be here now.
Home means our psychological-emotional home. are we trying to recreate the past, (in relationships) to see if we left something of emotional value there? Do we keep trying to " get it right this time"? We must learn that we did what we did, and we got what we got, nothing more is left (behind). Do we feed old dreams that keep us from being here now? We can't rewrite history no matter how compelled we are to try.

[b]The more things change, the more things stay the same. [/b] [color=cyan][/color] The law of Change.
History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that change our path. Like mother, like daughter. Are we doing the same things, expecting different results? Do we keep recreating our problems in new places?

[b]When you focus on you life, good things happen.[/b][color=darkblue][/color] The law of Patience and Reward.
Are we focusing on what we don't have? Do we seek people and things with flashy values? Or are we doing our jobs with family and community? Joy comes as a result of doing what we are supposed to be doing. Before enlightenment, you carry the water and till the soil, after enlightenment you... Happiness is a by-product adn a sideline of doing our jobs in life.

[b]What you put in, you get back. [/b] [color=orange][/color] The law of Value and Upliftment.
The rule is: garbage in, garbage out. A difference that makes no difference is no difference. Whatever you contribute willuplift or decrease the whoel. The value is in the energy we put in. Do we lovingly grow and cook our food to contribute to our health?

[b]Letting Go[/b][color=black][/color] A solution.
We don't truly have something until we can give it away. If we let go or our EGO, allowing others to be right, we have true greatere ego-- enough to spare. When we give away money-help-love, we prove that we have the power to get more, or we don't need it. Thus, the TRUE TEST is to let go-- only then can we know that we have it. Give out more love, see if you don't get more in return. The ultimate power of the universe gave us the power of free will, proving it is the ulitimate power.

by Merkin's Moon
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Grand Opening Of Merkin's Moon!!

Hello everyone,

I am here and glad to say that my store Merkin's Moon is finally open and ready for business. Please come by and check us out. We sell mostly wiccan/ pagan supplies. But we also sell other religous wares as well as jewelry. If you like us, please make sure to tell your friends about us or direct them here to my page. I also have a forum page. You can chat about anything your little heart desires.
Lily, Rose- John Singer Sargent, Carnation

Dandelion Castle

Dandelion Castle
I am a beanstalk child--
do let me
so wildly up and up
into the

Let me too, sway with the wind,
bend with the grass,
and speak with the clouds.

Tufts of white that drift--
turn gently
Fly away and dissipate
and I shall

Away now, to a quiet Elysium
of wispy cobweb beings--
shape shifting in the sun.

Such gauzy dreams,
how can I 
If I open my eyes again
will you be

A unicorn's long, white beard 
and a smiling duck remind me
of a hippopotamus cloud

I once knew


Connection, empathic connection

Hey guys :)
So many things have happened since I last posted in here or paid proper attention to my comm -oops! I've been meaning to, I just haven't felt quite right, maybe ready? To put down all my ponderings and revelations here to share with everyone.
I probably have several posts worth of topics to discuss but the most pressing that's been on my mind for the past couple of weeks is ...
Have you ever had a really strong connection with someone? I'm really thinking in the empathic sense.

In the last couple of months I've really noticed my empathic abilities have increased, and at times, gone into over-drive. I know my abilities are improving, I pick up on emotions easier, stronger without realising, I have more spiritual and prophetic dreams, I get funny vibes and feelings of "knowing" more and more.

When I went to see my great aunt in hospital a month or so ago ... I don't know how to describe it, because no one else seemed to notice how she really was, could feel her desperation and despair, how utterly depressed she was. I felt like I connected with her but for once (I can normally think of the right words) I couldn't think of a single thing to say to her that I knew would make a difference.
What do you say to someone who is longing to die but is being kept alive beyond what would naturally be their time?

By far the strongest spiritual and emotional connection I've had with anyone is that which I have with my girlfriend. Normally with most people I can tell if they are depressed etc or whatever and I act accordingly and to an extent mirror their mood but, with her, I've found that her emotions can completely overrule my own. Talking to her on the phone on Christmas Day (I think) and I had felt fine earlier but talking to her I could hear she was trying to mask how she felt and was almost at breaking point and tears just started to form in my eyes. I had this completely overwhelming urge to cry and I felt so utterly desperate, thankfully I managed to say goodbye before I really started to cry. At the time I was confused and couldn't understand why my mood had so suddenly changed, it wasn't until later that I realised I was reflecting her emotions. I've never had such a strong feeling from someone else before manifest itself in such a physical way.
I've talked to her about how sensitive/empathic I am (actually she brings it up before I do) and I've said sometimes it can be overwhelming, but that's normally because I'm feeling several different emotions from several different people, I haven't told her that I get by far the strongest emotions from her.
Sometimes I find it quite unnerving that another being can influence me in such a way, and for it to be so sudden that I'm almost knocked back by it.
She's a very private, guarded person and often, without trying, I can read her like a book. I know it unnerves her a little as she's unsure how to act with me because she knows that I know when she says she's ok and she's not but she's not put off by it.
I think my abilities have just been lying dormant for most of my life and I'm now discovering them, so I expect for a fair few of you you'll have experiences like this more often than me and will have had people who you strongly connect with, but for me it's all new.

What are your experiences, how do you cope with them, how do you explore it all?
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Hey everyone :)
Thanks to everyone who replied with their thoughts and experiences to my post last month about prophetic dreams; it's really interesting to see what a variety they can come in, they're still happening for me but the scenarios of the visions themselves don't seem to be getting anymore significant and it's always just of me and my mum, I wonder what that says :S *lol*.
What I really want to discuss today is a dream I had at the beginning of the month, it's one that felt significant and seems it for its unusual content. I posted about it in my dream lj borne_of_stars linky to the entry (and you might want to have a look at the next entry) and as I've had more prophetic dreams since it and something significant has come about in my personal life I think perhaps all this means something.
So, I think that the dream was a visit from an animal spirit guide, and upon reflection it was definitely a falcon. I still haven't successfully meditated to more consciously speak to the guide, or any other that I might have and I haven't had anymore communication with a guide. Has anyone here been visited by an animal guide, or more widely, any spirit guide, and moreover without using meditation i.e actively seeking advice from a spirit?
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Life recreating dreams, premonitions?

This is probably something that a lot of you have experienced a lot more often than me and to a more specific level but I just wanted to ask you your opinions on it and of your own experiences.

Have you ever had any prophetic dreams? Any premonitions, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant?
I'm not talking about the feeling of deja-vu but a dream where something happened and then the next day, perhaps you had forgotten about the dream and you saw something or someone said something and you remembered the dream. And it was like your subconscious and your waking life had collided.

So strange.
In the past week ... well, actually less, I have had two dreams where specific elements of them have reoccured in my life. Just small fragments of the dreams where they seem to be re-enacted in my life, but not things that I do, but what other people do. I know it probably sounds like deja-vu but it's not, it feels totally different.
With deja-vu you do/say something and then as soon as you have done it you 'remember' what you have just done from a previous point in time, though you have no idea where you have this original 'memory' from, though it has been said that this is merely a funny connection in the brain and you are not remembering anything, it's just a chemical reaction or somehting. Anyway, I'm not here to question deja-vu and it's origins and whether it's prophecy.
With the kind of reoccurences I've had I see something/hear something someone has said and I then remember the dream almost exactly, like a flash. The dreams are a little different to what happens in real life, with the dreams they aren't the same as normal life, but the central scene, as it were, is exactly the same as in life.
My dreams are normally very strange and far-fetched and generally nothing mundane happens so the parts that then reoccur in real life are quite out of place.
I haven't dreamt of anything significant and had it happen yet so at the moment they are just funny little moments, though nothing that normally happens every day in my life. They are both not standard things to happen in either my dream life nor my waking life, so that is why they stick out and seem the more strange.
The nearest thing to this that has happened to me is deja-vu, which used to happen to me a lot but never any dreams that have been a premonition, as it were, of real life.

What do you think? Do you have things like this happen to you often?
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Food for the soul

Ok I posted this yesterday in my journal and Rachel made a comment that made me think that perhaps it might be interesting if I x-posted it here.
What do you think?

A delivery man pulled up earlier and I was making a flyer for RDA on my computer, I could hear what I can definitely say is my favourite song drifting out from his van window. It always puts a smile on my face, trouble is it's too short really. I remembered that I don't actually have a copy of it, so iTunes has righted that wrong :)

Can you guess what the song is?

When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only light we see
No, I won't be afraid
Oh, I won't be afraid
Just as long as you stand
Stand by me
If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
Or the mountain
Should crumble to the sea
I won't cry, I won't cry
No, I won't shed a tear
Just as long as you stand
Stand by me

Stand By Me - Ben E. King I adore the song even more than I adore the film, there's just something about it that I can't put into words.

Collapse )
So tell me, what are your favourite tracks/pieces, what music speaks to you?
What does my selection make you think of? What do you feel when you hear these songs? I'd be interested to know.
Oh and if the links run out and you want to download any of the songs, just let me know, also if you want any of the soundtracks like Narnia or Romeo+Juliet or LOTR I'd be happy to upload, same with any KT :)
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