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12 April 2007 @ 12:49 pm
Twelve Laws of Karma  
Cause and Effect
[color=orange][b]As you sow, so shall you reap.[/b][/color] The Great Law.
This is the freat law: If there is a cause, then there is an effect. What goes around, comes around. And that may not be the same or equal. If you want peace and joy in life, in your home, neighborhood, country, and in the world, start where you are, do something about you. If we are helpless and fearful, do we cause that? Do our fears draw that to us? Are we creating negatives in our lives, by focusing on that in others. Are we mired in 'being right' and getting even, falsely believing that we can control the consequences of Karma?

[b]You attract what you are, not what you want[/b].[color=indigo][/color] The law of Creation.
This law states that l.iving healthy, wealthy, successful lives requires our participation. We are one, inside and outside. Our surroundings are clues to our inner nature, and our truenature is a sign of what is around us. People like people who like what they like. If you want to attract loving people, be loving; if you wnat to attract smart people, become smart in something. If you want a perfect mate, develop the traits that you envision in that person, and life will bring it. We are not alonein the universe; we are connected beyond ourselves to all. We can create our environment from within.

[b]What you resist, persists for you.[/b][color=green][/color] The law of Humility.
This law states that we choose our enemies and give them strength. What we object to reflects who we are inside. If we pick apart someone;s dress, are we not concerned about our own statements of fashion? Do we deny the truth about ourselves and create our own pain? Are our egos so small and lost inillusions that we deny who we are? Do we believe change can come from denying who we are? Do we see cheaters and liars everywhere, but claim we are focused on higher ground? The more we feed our denial by resisting the truth, the louder our protestations. Humility is the key.

[b]Wherever you go~ there you are.[/b][color=orange][/color] The law of Growth.
This is the law about creating our own surroundings; if we don't change, nothing is changed. We carry our problems with us wherever we go. Removing negative relationships and environments may free us to be healthy, but aren't we still who we are? Doo we seek the growth to not recreate those same negatives all over again? Slowly learned changes, truly in our hearts, are the changes that will last. Life then sees to it that our negative environments drift away all by themselves.

Personal Action
[b]Whenever there is something wrong, there is something wrong in us.[/b][color=yellow][/color] The law of Mirrors.
The law of personal responsibility. "Every time I got angry, I discovered that 'I' was there." Do we believe that we are immune from what goes on around us? Do we blame others and say that is on them? We mirror our surroundings and our surroundings mirror us. Do we accept life with grace? Do we try to excuse ourselves from the parts of life that are hard? Do we see ourselves as contributors who can create a difference?

[b]Whatever you do may be very insignificant, but is very important that you do it. [/b][color=violet][/color] The law of Synchornicity.
This is the law about the chain of connnectedness from the lowest to the highest. Someone always has to do the lesser jobs in life. Do we get on with the daily grind, or are we waiting for Prince Charming or to win the lottery? Do we only accept the ego rewarding tasks? Do we devalue those near us in favor of courting favor with others? The lesson here is that we learn dicipline and humility--and demonstrate that.

[b]You can't think of thwo things at the same time. [/b][color=brown][/color] The law of Direction and Motives.
The is the law of higher spiritual values versus our lower natures. When we are foucsed on higher values, there is no room for thoughts of greed, selfishness, and anger. If we think about growing spritually, we can't be contemplating gluttony at the same time. What are we focusing on? Upon arising each day do we do first things first--make peace with our higher power; next , do we give our family love and attention; so that at work we are fully free to concentrate on the job at hand? Do we foster hidden agendas of selfish gain, and the feed compulsions of our lower natures?

[b]If you believe somehting to be true, then sometime in life you must demonstrate that truth. [/b][color=blue][/color] The law of willingness.
This law is about what we have learned in life, and our willingness to show it. Put up, or shut up! It's show and tell time. Time to demonstrate what we know to be right, or life will have consequences for us. Do we play "when and if" and procrastinate about what is right? Are we afraid to grow because it is hard? Do we hold back love because our dreams didn't get met? Give what you have, do what you can.

[b]You can't go home again, but you must try.[/b] [color=darkred][/color] The law of be here now.
Home means our psychological-emotional home. are we trying to recreate the past, (in relationships) to see if we left something of emotional value there? Do we keep trying to " get it right this time"? We must learn that we did what we did, and we got what we got, nothing more is left (behind). Do we feed old dreams that keep us from being here now? We can't rewrite history no matter how compelled we are to try.

[b]The more things change, the more things stay the same. [/b] [color=cyan][/color] The law of Change.
History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that change our path. Like mother, like daughter. Are we doing the same things, expecting different results? Do we keep recreating our problems in new places?

[b]When you focus on you life, good things happen.[/b][color=darkblue][/color] The law of Patience and Reward.
Are we focusing on what we don't have? Do we seek people and things with flashy values? Or are we doing our jobs with family and community? Joy comes as a result of doing what we are supposed to be doing. Before enlightenment, you carry the water and till the soil, after enlightenment you... Happiness is a by-product adn a sideline of doing our jobs in life.

[b]What you put in, you get back. [/b] [color=orange][/color] The law of Value and Upliftment.
The rule is: garbage in, garbage out. A difference that makes no difference is no difference. Whatever you contribute willuplift or decrease the whoel. The value is in the energy we put in. Do we lovingly grow and cook our food to contribute to our health?

[b]Letting Go[/b][color=black][/color] A solution.
We don't truly have something until we can give it away. If we let go or our EGO, allowing others to be right, we have true greatere ego-- enough to spare. When we give away money-help-love, we prove that we have the power to get more, or we don't need it. Thus, the TRUE TEST is to let go-- only then can we know that we have it. Give out more love, see if you don't get more in return. The ultimate power of the universe gave us the power of free will, proving it is the ulitimate power.

by Merkin's Moon
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