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13 October 2006 @ 03:02 pm
Hey everyone :)
Thanks to everyone who replied with their thoughts and experiences to my post last month about prophetic dreams; it's really interesting to see what a variety they can come in, they're still happening for me but the scenarios of the visions themselves don't seem to be getting anymore significant and it's always just of me and my mum, I wonder what that says :S *lol*.
What I really want to discuss today is a dream I had at the beginning of the month, it's one that felt significant and seems it for its unusual content. I posted about it in my dream lj borne_of_stars linky to the entry (and you might want to have a look at the next entry) and as I've had more prophetic dreams since it and something significant has come about in my personal life I think perhaps all this means something.
So, I think that the dream was a visit from an animal spirit guide, and upon reflection it was definitely a falcon. I still haven't successfully meditated to more consciously speak to the guide, or any other that I might have and I haven't had anymore communication with a guide. Has anyone here been visited by an animal guide, or more widely, any spirit guide, and moreover without using meditation i.e actively seeking advice from a spirit?
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